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Our Fearless Podcast Producers


Kirt Graves is the audiobook narrator for TJ Klune's Murmuration and Green Creek series. As host of The Klunatics Podcast, he gets to chat with Klunatics from all over the world. He also edits and masters all the audio files.


Mia Sciberras is a beta reader for TJ Klune and one of the administrators of the Klunatic Facebook page. She's a voracious reader, and her sense of humor and sharp tongue are a welcome addition to any conversation (and the podcast)!


Jon Steiger is an audiobook aficionado, an aspiring narrator, and an award-winning cheese-maker. He and his husband Tyson own and operate By George  Farm in Oregon.


Susannah Frigo is a self-described "dragon lawnmower with a heart of gold." She traveled around the world in 2019, meeting Klunatics from every corner of the Kluniverse. She's a devoted pug mom, and she's also our resident transcriptionist.


Angela Noll Mohn shared The Lightning Struck Heart with her teenage daughter before reading the whole book, which she swears she doesn't regret. She's our resident Klune theologian, exploring the themes and meaning behind TJ's words.


Luis Garcia has not yet read the entire Green Creek series but we aren't holding that against him. Luis is an artistic force of nature, creating beautiful works of art out of paint, yarn, his mustache...you name it.


Sita Rajasingham is a human person.

"It was caring in a mean way." - Sita

Producer artwork created by Ari. Follow them on Twitter & Instagram.

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